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Prachi P
4 min readNov 14, 2023

As November sweeps in silence, the chaos of checking the completed list and resolution that we made for the year 2023 is hanging and asking us to check it once. Honestly, I am scared to check it. Everyone is trying to work out and fix everything by the end of this year which is kind of putting stress on people’s minds including mine.

Mental Health is as important as our Physical health, you might have heard this line lots of times but have you considered waiting and having a check on that?

If you are also stressing out cause the year is about to end and you are feeling lost in your life, don’t worry I have collected and put 5 reminders for the month of November which will help you in maintaining your mental health.

Reminders to keep you going and maintain your mental health.

1. November is not the end.

We are in November and round around the corner is December. Yes, it is but it’s not the end of the world. Even though the plans you made for this year have not worked out for you, keep focusing on your work.

  • Review what is not working for you make some changes and keep up with your work or keep up working for the resolution you made for this year.
  • Don’t make it too hard on yourself. It’s not the end, it’s a new start.

2. Life is not a checklist

I know life is hard and everyday struggles are real but that is what makes life a life. Would you feel the pain after you die? No, you wouldn’t right? That’s why this is what life is all about.

  • Always remind yourself life is not just struggles and pain it’s also laughs, calmness, family, good food once in a while, etc.
  • I believe making resolutions every year is good cause having a clear view of what you want this year from your life is not harmful at all.
  • Having a clear vision is good, and sticking to a plan is good but at the same time, life is not at all a checklist.
  • There are many other incidents and situations that we don’t consider while making a plan. Those incidents are not in our hands to control and honestly most of the time we don’t know how to react to them.
  • Give yourself a little space to understand that life is not a checklist and the checked achievements might not give you ultimate happiness.

3. Focus more on what you have achieved.

  • Perspective is the biggest key that you will learn if you start working on your mental health. You always have a choice to see anything as a half or a full glass of water.
  • Instead of focusing on things that you didn’t complete this year, focus more on what you have completed already. Even if it is just a sleep pattern.

4. Don’t compare your life.

  • If you are comparing your life with your family or friends or anyone, this is a sign to stop it.
  • Materialistic comparison will never give you peace of mind cause someone will always have something better and more expensive than you.
  • In any sense don’t fall in the loop of comparison, your pace and way of doing things will be different from others. The goal is to achieve what you are rooting for, your only focus should be that.

5. Not all people are bad.

  • Half of our mental health issues are because of people and another half can be solved by people.
  • Try to be with like-minded people.
  • People who will help you in your growth mentally and physically.
  • We all need help from one another, the sooner you accept it life will become and you will grow tremendously.
  • Keep away from people who exhaust you mentally.

Happy November ❤️

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