5 things you should do to be happy when you are JOBLESS!

Prachi P
6 min readDec 16, 2023


Let your Habits control you.

It's exactly 3 years since I left my job as a UI developer and if you will ask me do I regret it? I would say no, none, not a single regret.

But that's not the point we will talk here, we will talk about how I keep myself sane and motivated after all these years. I will give you some tips which you too can do and it will give you motivation to keep going.

The thing is I might have been jobless for so long but I live my life as if I still have a job. Not having a job is not a sin boss! Everyone looks for success in a different way the catch is not to give up no matter what happens.

Let's go deep into the tips:-

1. No Job is No Crime


I firmly believe if your mind is not strong your body won’t be stronger. Believe me when I say, initially I was ashamed when I came back home. I didn’t go out to meet people and the reason used to be like “What if they judge me” or “They will ask me why I left my job”, but the thing is it was all in my head. People don’t care! Most of the time. Cause people have their dramas going on in their life. But I agree there can be some people who can nag you.

Ignore them. Yes, you have to understand that Job shouldn’t be the sole purpose of our life. We have the right to take a break from things that are not working out for some reason and you don’t need to explain each and everyone you know about it.

If you accept that “no job” is not a crime then only you can work out what you want to do next. It’s okay. So accept it and shift your focus to what you want to do next.

  1. A break for some time.
  2. Or start preparing for the next job.

The magic is the confidence on your face. Tell yourself again and again “I am not less, I am the same with or without a job”. Then only you will respect what you will achieve next in life.

2. Get Up at a good time.


Fix a time to wake up. I wake around 7:15 AM but choose a time which suits you best and try to wake up at that time every day, on weekends as well. See having a routine might seem monotonous but it's a lifesaver. Both Physically and Mentally. Your body automatically starts acting the way you want it to work.

For example, when you don’t have coffee the first thing in the morning or when you wake up and people are shouting on the streets, you will be irritated if you have to wake up like this, right?! Cause your body is not trained like that, you like to get up peacefully. The result would be that the whole day would turn into a bad day.

Similar to that your body also gets irritated from the inside when you don't follow a pattern or when your pattern changes a lot. But then again I am not telling you to be hard on yourself.

Take your own time, I will say just wake up 5 minutes before your usual waking time. Every day or every week make this 5 mins into 10 mins. You see it's a slow process but it's helpful.

Without boring you with this let’s go to the next tip 👊.

3. Cook at least 1 time but eat 3 big meals.


If you thought I was going to say cook once and eat the whole day the same food. NOOOOO I am not saying that, wouldn't that be boring??! I used to do this a long time back and believe me, with time my metabolism became slow … I mean so slow.

That's why I suggest trying to cook at least one meal every day for yourself. Even though you want to eat outside or you want to eat the delivery food. Remember to cook one meal every day. Push yourself to do that. The question arises


When you cook something it is not just the food you are cooking, it is the step-by-step process of making food, which relaxes your mind and will keep you away from the guilt of not eating healthy. Not only that it will become your daily routine process and hence it will keep you busy for some minutes to an hour.

4. Look, Seek, Learn and Move On


I often ask myself why have I become such an unsocial person when I was never like this before but then I also ask myself “Do you have peace?” my heart and head say YESSSS!!

You don't have to be unsocial in search of peace. You can find it around people and things and dogs and cats and anything in general. If you think getting a dream job will give you peace, I would say don't stop, go and do it anyway. But if you see you are burned out by applying for jobs and preparing for interviews or if any corner of your heart says don't do it. I would say take a step back and wait and figure it out. Let your heart and mind heal.

Even though I don’t meet many people, I always look around and get inspired by wonderful people online and offline. I try to read their work and try to learn from them. Some best lessons I have learnt in my life are from people who left my life without any explanations.

I read it somewhere “No closure is a closure”, this quote remained with me and helped me understand that sometimes letting go of people and situations will only help. Even though it is hurting right now, try letting go of everything that is haunting you, it will help you grow and heal.

The best revenge is doing better in your own life.

5. Never Blame Yourself


Nothing good has ever come out of blaming anyone, but the worst comes out when you blame yourselves. You start hating yourself, and every decision of yours, the past and the present ones too.

I have learned it, the wrong one and the right one, all one is ME. I have given myself space to grow and try to understand people close to me, without losing the context of the value of my thoughts and beliefs.

Have a little patience with yourself, this is the first time you are dealing with everything around you. Don’t be hard on yourself unnecessarily, you will be able to figure out everything but you have to accept it takes time.

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