This case study is for redesigning the app for Line following robot for Hospital Management, a prototype which I built in my master thesis project.

Knowing the project


A line following robot is called so because it follows and moves on a pre-defined path. A path can be anything like a simple physical white and black line, as its path is already defined there is very little chance of any kind of accident.

My little everyday journal.

I swear I woke at 3:45 am today feeling why I have to go. You see I don’t like being around people, it's quite overwhelming. I am good while talking to a group of strangers or even one stranger, but the moment you drop me in…

This problem statement was given in one of the designs challenge.

Knowing the project


Agrii is an app designed for farmers with a minimalist design that gives an overview of their field from anywhere. This design is not limited to farmers but agriculturist too can use this app to read about the soil nutrients of the desired field.

Before I started with this…

“ Don’t give up no matter what happens in life. Everyone has good days and bad days. But you can choose which days you want to take and make it your strength”

I am a 28-year jobless unmarried girl or woman or something in between both of them. Now when I look back, nothing has worked in my life according to the plan I had for my life. Still, I wake up every day with a fresh mind full of hopes. Do…

I am brushing my designing skills and trying to mount my portfolio with many sample projects before I start to apply in this field.

Before I point out the reason I should at least give you an overview of what basically I do.

Technically I should be a much-skilled UI developer. Academically I am a Master of Computer applications who wanted to work with only start-ups. I don’t know why I had this weird…

Prachi P

A UI developer who is more interested in UI and UX design but more loved by Writing.

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