Am I writing poetry correctly?

Prachi P
Oct 6, 2023

I wanted to write
if I remember
this is what I wanted
When I was in 6th grade
but never knew how to

took out an old diary
that my papa used to
get by the representative
Of the meds

started semi journaling
school study friends and crush
sometimes some schools fights
badminton, cricket Kho-Kho
and a little glimpse of the boy
I liked

turned out I loved writing
cause reading made me smile
gave me a chance to re-live
the past I left

now when I write poetry
these are still journal
a tiny one
with limited words
but deep meanings
still reading it
bring me to doubt
“If I am writing
Poetry correctly?”.
is it even poetry or just
something else?

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Prachi P

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