Code an easy Google Chrome Extension in Javascript.

Let’s practice your Frontend Skills by building a Google Chrome Extension.

Prachi P
2 min readSep 5, 2023

Whenever I see any video about projects in JS or ReactJs I automatically feel like I have to code it. Though ChatGPT, Bard, Blackbox, and Github Pilot have made coding easier I still like to go old-style but AI tools are like a compliment to our coding journey if we use them properly.

As a beginner, one can use it wisely to understand the syntax and logic. Sometimes while developing coding projects if you feel you are out of ideas for a project to build(which you will not….), you can code some simple Google Chrome extension that you can use in your local environment, or if you want you can publish it on Google chrome store.

The experience of a newbie front-end developer in the constantly changing field of web development is both fascinating and challenging. As you follow this road, making Google Chrome Extensions is one of the most entertaining methods to develop your abilities and at the same time feel uplifted and excited by the end results. These valuable add-ons allow you to improve your ability to not only build something but also to use these extensions for your day-to-day internet use.

I will explain and show you how to build a Google Chrome Extension with the simplest example I have built for beginners, how to load it into the Google Chrome extension window, and how to use it in your daily work.

Without wasting any more minutes let’s get directly into it.

What we are building here?

Today we are building a super simple Chrome extension which I named “Countmywords”. As the name suggests this extension will give me the total number of words of the paragraph pasted in its textarea input box excluding the whitespace, if any.

Below is a glimpse of the end product we are building.

Believe me, it's super simple to code and super simple to use. If you want to see how have done it, please go to this blog page, where I am trying to put everything about coding that I have learned so far and that I am learning in as simple words as I can.

Please refer to my blog and show some support. :)

Happy Learning and Coding :)



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