does meditation really help?

I took a 30-day challenge to do meditation.

Prachi P
2 min readAug 23, 2023

My sleep schedule was terrible, don’t we all have? I honestly wanted to fix it up cause it was hampering my day work and I was not cool with that. Through the books I read and the articles I checked online, I knew meditation could help to fix sleep. But like any procrastinator, I was delaying properly starting with it. Then one morning as I was reading the “ 8 rules of love” by Jay Shetty, I came across the page where he talks about how to meditate. I thought to give it a try at that very moment without thinking much and honestly, I felt a little sleepy but I could feel a little relief as well.

A challenge

I had already checked how to meditate many times on the internet and I was sure there was no strict rule for it so I decided to challenge myself to do meditation for a whole 1 month for 7 minutes. Last month July was meditation month for me, After completing it I thought it would be great to put some of the conclusions of this challenge here if you want to start meditation and are still in dilemma.

The conclusion

  1. The answer to the question does it help would be Yes, it does help.

2. Still, it depends on lots of other things as well.

3. Keep patience.

4. You won’t feel much changes on the very first day that’s why keep patience.

5. You won’t have to sit for a longer time, just start with 1 minute.

6. As there is no rule, you can sit anywhere, on the bed, on the chair, or on the yoga mat. Any place that makes you comfortable.

7. I found it easy and most helpful cause it doesn’t ask you for any money just some minutes of your life.

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