he doesn’t know ( poem )

a poem for one-side desire.

Prachi P
1 min readNov 20, 2023

half of the time when she
scrolled her phone
during the day
and the night
she went to you
she saw you
and was happy with it

but then she knows
it won’t go for long
Because he doesn’t know
that she loves him.

she is aware but
he is unaware
it is not his fault
and not his desire
but she wants to wait
like an old-schooler
for love.

she doesn’t understand yet
love doesn’t hold a shape
and it is not for sure is a human
it is something unexplained

let her be in it for a while
let her enjoy that feeling for a while
the time will come and she might
understand what she is holding
is just a lifeless desire
or maybe life with her desires.

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Prachi P

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