her fear and her cries — mysanewords

is she you or just me?

Prachi P
1 min readSep 7, 2023

there she stands in the rain again
holding her own hands stronger than yesterday
closed eyes while tears flowed down her cheek
no one knows she is crying in the rain

This sudden ache of passing time
reminds her how far she has to go
Will she be alone?
she doesn’t know
she is doing all she can do
by putting herself
every day in front of life

it is all messed up in her head
Has she walked the wrong path
she doesn’t know
she stands in the rain
to feel alive
to feel the breath
to feel her tears which makes her human
and to feel she has a long way to go…

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Originally published at https://mysanewords.com on September 7, 2023.



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