How to stop self-defeating beliefs?

A small article about Self-defeating beliefs.

Prachi P
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Many people would not recognize what Self-defeating beliefs are, they won’t even understand that these beliefs are much more than just insecurity. The counter-opposite of the term self-belief is self-defeating beliefs. These beliefs don’t only hinder our personal and professional growth but to some extent, it affects us physically. It gets rooted in our mindset so strongly that we often have difficulties to understand our own potential.

Before I start pointing out the ways you can use to stop the self-limiting beliefs I want to address that I am not any counselor or therapist. I am just a simple human who had similar beliefs some time ago. That’s why this topic is like home to me and I thought sharing my thoughts with you can help you navigate your issue and can guide you to seek help if needed.

Know self-defeating beliefs

We human has on average more than 6000 thoughts per day, read it here, one minute we are super productive and the next minute we have to drag ourselves out of bed. We can’t keep ourselves productive all the time so please don’t fall in the loop of toxic productivity.

Self-defeating belief means you are yourself trying to hinder your growth by having disempowering thoughts about yourself and your surroundings. It overpowers your thinking and forces you to think all negative and disheartening things for yourself.

Common Self-defeating beliefs

After going through some articles and from personal experience I have listed some common negative beliefs.

  1. Feeling Unaccomplished
  2. Procrastination
  3. Feeling like you are always wrong.
  4. Feeling you are unlovable.
  5. Negative self-talk.



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