Life 001.

My little everyday journal.

I swear I woke at 3:45 am today feeling why I have to go. You see I don’t like being around people, it's quite overwhelming. I am good while talking to a group of strangers or even one stranger, but the moment you drop me in a group of known people, I feel a time ticking bomb inside my stomach, which reminds me every second “ Oh hello, you have to go home, just go home, home is waiting” and whatnot. So Yeah anyway I went out with my parents. Where? To celebrate Chhath puja.

But well I was there for the whole 3 hours but I must say I felt quite nice, cause no one talked to me until I was about to leave. These people are awesome.

A little bit about my ongoing life is that I have been hanged again by one of the MNC for the job. I am looking for a good-paying job in the field of UX designer right now. A place where I can explore, laugh, have a healthy talk and grow with a good salary so I don’t have to ask my father for money. :P

This is it for today.

Love for everyone and for Prachi from Tomorrow.:)

Dated: 11.11.2021( what a date :P)

PS: If you read this, you need to cut off from people who exhaust your energy and send you negative energy. Believe me like right now do it.





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Prachi P

Prachi P


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