My Job Hunting and Failure and.

“ Don’t give up no matter what happens in life. Everyone has good days and bad days. But you can choose which days you want to take and make it your strength”

Prachi P
3 min readMay 16, 2021


I am a 28-year jobless unmarried girl or woman or something in between both of them. Now when I look back, nothing has worked in my life according to the plan I had for my life. Still, I wake up every day with a fresh mind full of hopes. Do my 10 minutes meditation, have my honey lemon water. Read articles related to UI/UX designing or UI development or freelancing jobs. Try to work on designs and some coding. Filling out job applications to get rejected. But when the day is about to end the ghost of failure enters my body and makes me feel worthless.

Worthless is a big word but that is what I am feeling these days. My parents want me to get married, though they are super supportive parents. But I don’t feel like getting married before I am financially Independent and they value that( though right now I am totally dependant on them 😅). I sometimes feel bad for them but I am trying. Even though I fail and doubt my self-worth sometimes like right now I am feeling, I don’t want to give up and neither should you. I won’t give up and why should I?

You know that’s the thing we try to measure everything with the age factor. By this and this you should be graduated by this and this you should have a job, get married, have kids, buy home and lists go on and on and eventually we die. We forget to live. I choose to live and do a job that I love. I even worked for Rs.10000 per month just because I loved developing websites for clients and they gave me the freedom to explore and learn on my own.

Yes, it's hard not even getting a job when my friends have good jobs and well-settled life. But then I feel I should not be comparing my life with others. Everyone has different goals and view for their life, mine is different. So is yours and that’s totally okay. All you have to do is keep going, trying more, learning more. Gaining knowledge about things won’t harm you and would never go useless. At some point in life, you will realize that.

I believe in myself no matter how much I fail, I will keep on learning more and keep on adding up my skills. One day my failure will give up and I will be there where I am supposed to be.

You too should believe in yourself no matter what happens. Don’t overburn yourself trying to be productive all the time. You wanna take a break, take it. You wanna lay down, just lay down. Start again. While applying for a job don’t only focus on the Salary package please reach out to people from the company and get to know about the work culture. It really matters a lot for your mental and physical health.

Having a job is important I know, but having you is more important. So look for a job with a fresh mind and a positive attitude. Work on your skills. Never think negatively because of rejection. Rejection does not always mean that you are not capable. Sometimes the reason for which a company will reject you will be the same reason some other company will be happy to have you. So it’s all about timing and your constant effort. Connect with people of your field, know their success stories, learn from their failures. But sometimes just sit and relax. And I know you will be there where you too are supposed to be.

All the best😊

Happy Weekend!