rejected by you…

Prachi P
2 min readSep 15


A hand is on the left side of the Glass Window. A heading text is on “Rejected by you” below the heading is written “(a poetry)”

do we even know what we want
what exactly are we looking for
if the exact one comes to our sight
will the heart explode, it might
but what if it won’t
wouldn’t it be uncomfortable
for me, it would be.

the points and measures
that you mentioned
will you even match the vibe
with the one you think
you would
what if you won’t
will you walk out of the door

you might
but what will happen
after that
I will be sitting there
looking at the gate
you just accidentally kicked
while going out

I will then look at my phone
exactly the 7.2 minutes we spend
I might sit there for extra more minutes
hoping you might have left with your car
so that I can walk back home

as I keep my bag to the side of the table
I will sit on the chair while the bag rolls down
from the side of the table
I will stare at my bag, looking for imprints
you might have left while moving my bag
to show me the menu
but I will leave my bag there
on the ground

to open my laptop
to go to my notes
to strike out your name from the list
of names from whom I got
rejected again and again…

Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

Originally published at on September 15, 2023.



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