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Prachi P
3 min readNov 29, 2023

Entering your 30s comes with lots of self-realization from life, a sudden ick to cross-check and review the last 29 years of your life and only seeing failure, this makes life unbearable sometimes. But is it supposed to be like this? Is just living not enough? Or are we failing at life?

Is it essential to get married before 30 even though you have not found the right partner?

The answer is NO a big No. Since we were a kid, we have been told that Marriage is an ultimate, unbreakable relationship. So finding someone with whom we can spend our space, individuality, life, decisions, home, body, and many more is the most important and key thing in marriage.

That’s why it is important to wait and find someone who you feel is right for you and then get married.

You Turned 30

Even if we make up our minds, the real pain is people reminding us “Oh you are 30 now you should get married”. I mean I know I turned 30 and I am already feeling lost in my career and yes in finding partners so don’t remind me of my age.

It is not a rant article it is a suggestion that these simple lines that you tell someone without knowing what they are struggling with will make their night sleepless and their day unfulfilled.

Adults are always struggling.

Becoming an adult is weird, you are always told what to do and what not to do and then suddenly you are thrown into adulthood to figure out things.

They are juggling lots of responsibilities family, job and household chores, and many other things from which they can’t escape.

Adults are hiding their feelings.

You may see them smiling and enjoying their life but honestly, their mind is fighting untold battles.

At this age either they would have a settled career or they might be navigating their career.

Your constant reminder of getting married will not solve any issues and struggles the best it will do is to add one more feeling of being less or may be not approved by society.

My Parting Note.

If you really want to help and are really concerned please be there for them while they figure out their ups and down. Their decision to get married or not should not change your support. Deep down they know what they want, but still, it takes time to figure it out. We are now in a kind of society where getting married is not the only priority, being capable for themselves is. Even if someone decides not to work still they need time to figure out stuff in their life. Help them, guide them don’t pressure them and please don’t keep nagging and reminding them of their age.

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